Here at Hammock we tend to subscribe to Natalie Portman’s philosophy that, “Awards are so unnecessary because [we] think we get so much out of our work just by doing it. The work is a reward in itself.” But that’s never stopped us from entering competitions or spreading the news of our success when we receive an award.

We recently learned that work we’ve done for clients received a total of five APEX Awards for Publication Excellence this year, including yet another Grand Award for American Spirit, the member magazine of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

Jeff Cornwall, Belmont University entrepreneurship professor and longtime blogger (The Entrepreneurial Mind), recently invited Rex Hammock to appear on the video version of his blog — a show produced by the Nashville-based web video network, Talkapolis. In the 10 minute episode, Rex explains the customer media and content focus of Hammock Inc. — and our role in the context of today’s marketing landscape.


While we moved our office to downtown Nashville a few months ago, all of us at Hammock have been anxiously awaiting the day we started renovating the space that will actually be our home.

We received the photo below today from our friends in the editorial department of the DAR in Washington, DC, with whom we work in publishing the organization’s national magazine, American Spirit.

Here are the facts about the photo we can piece together.

Rex Hammock, left, is wearing the cap of a Union soldier. While he’s a history buff, we feel somewhat certain that his Alabama and Tennessee roots make this a first. We have also learned that the woman on the right is an actress playing the part of Clara Barton, the angel of the battlefield, and founder of the American Red Cross, the next-door neighbor of the DAR in Washington. (Sidenote: While not related to the photo, we know that Miss Barton was a member of the DAR.)

We understand that the photo was taken at yesterday’s 83rd 92nd annual New York State luncheon at the annual Continental Congress of the DAR. And we’ve received a report from Rex that playing the part of a Union soldier is a great role if you’re on-stage in front of several hundred women from New York state.

Rex and Clara Barton, Daughters of the American Revolution

Correction: We’ve learned this year’s was the 92nd annual New York luncheon. After a decade of working with our friends at the DAR on fact-checking historical dates, we never cease to be amazed by their ability to track down such information.




Memorial Day has special meaning at Hammock. We are privileged to work closely with two national organizations dedicated to preserving the honor and legacy of those who, through their valor and service, helped to establish our country and to preserve it today. Honoring those who paid the ultimate price so that we may enjoy the freedoms and liberties we have is something we are able to express in each issue of  American Spirit, the magazine of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and  Semper Fi, the magazine of the Marine Corps League. Service in defense of our nation and our liberty is integral to both organizations, and the loss of any service member is keenly felt and solemnly observed. We join with these two great organizations in honoring those who sacrificed all for their country, and also the families of those valiant warriors.



Bonus Link: On his blog, Rex Hammock shares his favorite route to our new offices in Downtown Nashville.

ccc conference logoStarting tonight, John Lavey, Hammock COO and Rex Hammock, CEO, will be in Chicago attending the annual conference of the Custom Content Council, an organization Hammock Inc. co-founded with five other companies that today has more than 100 company members and is the leading professional organization for branded content and content marketing (or, as we refer to it at Hammock, “customer media and content”) in North America.

Leading up to today’s conference, the Council released findings from its 13th annual research of the use of various types of media and content companies and other types of organizations (associations, non-profits) use for marketing and communications purposes.

After the jump, we’ve posted the full press release outlining the findings of the research that reveals spending on production and distribution rose to $43.9 billion, the second highest amount to be recorded. All forms—print, electronic and other—experienced growth; a 9.2% rise over last year’s 40.2 billion, with print still claiming the lion’s share of dollars spent in content marketing. Of the average overall marketing, advertising and communications budget, 39% of the funds were dedicated to content marketing.

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March 22, 2013

[UPDATE: 1:00 PM, CDT – “Mr. Watson, Come Here” – We are all back up and running. Thank you to all of the various companies in Florida and California and Tennessee that must coordinate their schedules weeks in advance in order to move a phone system down the street in Nashville.]

[UPDATE : 11:50, CDT –  The calling-out feature of our phone system is now working. We’re still awaiting the “inbound” phone feature that allows you to call us. According to the telephone professionals working on this project, that will happen in exactly, “soon.”]

On Friday morning, March 22, the phone system at Hammock will be offline temporarily.

We’ve been told the interruption will be from 8-10 a.m. Maybe. 

Our Contact page has several email addresses you can use if you need someone to call you. (We can call you, you can’t call us.) If you need someone immediately, call: (646) 580-7394.

We are sorry for the inconvenience because we really, really want to talk with you.