[UPDATE: 1:00 PM, CDT – “Mr. Watson, Come Here” – We are all back up and running. Thank you to all of the various companies in Florida and California and Tennessee that must coordinate their schedules weeks in advance in order to move a phone system down the street in Nashville.]

[UPDATE : 11:50, CDT –  The calling-out feature of our phone system is now working. We’re still awaiting the “inbound” phone feature that allows you to call us. According to the telephone professionals working on this project, that will happen in exactly, “soon.”]

On Friday morning, March 22, the phone system at Hammock will be offline temporarily.

We’ve been told the interruption will be from 8-10 a.m. Maybe. 

Our Contact page has several email addresses you can use if you need someone to call you. (We can call you, you can’t call us.) If you need someone immediately, call: (646) 580-7394.

We are sorry for the inconvenience because we really, really want to talk with you.