Strategy Development & Measurement

Hammock develops strategies for content topics, platforms and media types that align with a client’s overall marketing and sales objectives. As part of our proprietary strategy development process, we develop demand and lead generation strategies and build dashboards that measure performance.

Content Creation & Deployment

Hammock’s award-winning creative and editorial team provides full-service design, editorial and deployment services, creating print publications, digital media and video. We also have digital marketing expertise for using paid-search and display advertising to ensure content is reaching desired audiences.

Social Media & Email Marketing

Hammock develops social strategies and then uses organic and paid social media channels to ensure content is delivered to key audiences. We also use research to create unique audiences served with the content they desire. We build email campaigns to regularly push content out to audiences, and manage drip campaigns to nurture leads.

Video Creation Services & Deployment

Hammock creates videos to tell stories, explain technologies and share testimonials. From scripting and storyboarding to directing, shooting and editing, we create compelling videos that fit into a recurring content strategy. Hammock deploys video as advertising on YouTube or shared socially on platforms as an engaging form of content.

Print Media (Magazines & Newsletters)

For the past 30 years, Hammock has worked as a custom publisher, and we’ve developed expertise on how to create full-service print media programs, including large print run magazines supported by advertising and circulation revenues. We also have expertise in the development of versioned newsletter programs, with experience, process and scale to create 60 versions of a newsletter every month.

Performance Measurement & Analytics Tracking

While measuring the performance of content can be challenging, Hammock creates meaningful metrics that measure a client’s specific definition of success. We create dashboards that provide analytics and sit down with clients monthly or quarterly to review.

Sales & Launch Presentation Systems

Hammock supports sales teams by developing more graphical and effective sales presentations, decks for webinars, or dynamic leave-behinds. We also provide sales support for client events, including booth space, sponsorship and advertising.

Demand & Lead Generation

Hammock creates email campaigns and places paid digital advertising to ensure content is boosted, and finds the right audience. We use tools such as artificial intelligence to build audiences that share an affinity for content created. Hammock helps clients develop the funnel, then generate leads.