While we moved our office to downtown Nashville a few months ago, all of us at Hammock have been anxiously awaiting the day we started renovating the space that will actually be our home.

Part of the excitement has to do with the opportunity to think through what the evolution of our business means to the way our space is designed.

We’ve done a lot of Pinterest-idea posting and have worked with some creative space designers to develop an open and flexible plan that supports the various ways we collaborate with our clients and our network of independent media and content creators.

We have been challenged to balance the quiet and noise inherent in the creative process. We’ve also worked to make the maximum use of the natural light pouring into our fifth-floor space. And we have greatly expanded our studio space and facilities in response to clients’ rapidly expanding needs for video and photography.

We will be sharing more as the project moves from chaos to order, but above are some early demolition photos taken in the past few days.