By: John Lavey | Hammock President/COO

The dramatic shift from print to digital media, one of the big marketing stories in our lifetimes, happened to coincide with the Great Recession that lasted from 2007 to 2009.

Marketers were more careful with dollars coming out of the Recession and for good reason. There were fewer of those dollars. Cheaper was appealing. And what better way for wary marketers to spend their dollars then on areas where they would be able to see the impact of their spend.

By Rex Hammock

During the past decade, people like me who live in Nashville have witnessed a fascinating phenomenon. While Nashville had been known for a couple of styles of food (scorching spicy chicken and comfort food served at meat-and-threes), the city was never considered a food mecca.

That has changed dramatically.

By: John Lavey | Hammock President/COO

Whether or not you make New Year’s resolutions, we likely all could stand to change a habit or two when it comes to our health. Most of us know what we have to do, but we don’t always know how to make the change.

Changing habits is an important topic not only for those of us who want to improve our health, but also for those of us involved in creating content to encourage patients to become healthier.

By Rex Hammock

This week marks our 150th Idea Email. (Here’s the complete archive.) Until now, we’ve never included New Year’s resolutions for people who market with content and customer media. Pick and choose from these 10 content marketing resolutions for 2019 as needed—or, if you’re feeling especially productive, tackle all 10.

Healthcare Technology Trends
How We Overestimate Tech’s Short-Term Impact and Underestimate Its Long-Term Impact

During the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing lots of articles listing the most important stories of 2018 and predictions for 2019 healthcare trends. Here’s our prediction: There will be very little difference between last year’s and this year’s predictions.

Why? Trends don’t happen in predictable blocks of time. Usually the things we think are speeding past us are actually moving quite slow. A technology trend can take decades—20 years, some experts say—to mature into something that’s viable, usable or real. (Has anyone yet to see a self-driving car on the street in your town?)

By Rex Hammock

Yesterday, the social media dashboard Hootsuite issued a report predicting 2019’s most important social media trends for brands and businesses. It bases its predictions on a survey of large and small social media departments and agencies.

It’s worth a read, but here are its five trends boiled down to one sentence each.

All parts of the marketing mix have their strengths: Data informs. Advertising connects. Content—done well—activates your audience. Engaging customers can be a worthy goal for content marketing. When it comes to lead generation content, though, you want to create action. Those actions are more likely to occur when you take a sound process and approach to content, instead of merely tossing out content into the wide blue web.

By Rex Hammock

On the Tuesday before each Thanksgiving,
we share this idea. And with it, we send our deepest thanks.

Not long ago, the most powerful word in marketing was the word FREE.
That era ended with the creation of filters that automatically translate that word into spam.

Now, we believe the most powerful word in marketing is THANKS.

There’s one thing all midterm election voters can agree on: We’re glad it’s over. But whenever there’s a massive investment in marketing and advertising a product (or, in this case, a candidate), those of us who are healthcare marketers need to pause and ask, “Is there a lesson we can learn here?”

Forbes Magazine recently recognized Hammock’s founder, Rex Hammock, as a leading voice in the field of content marketing. In an article published in late October, Rex described how Hammock uses content to build brand loyalty and tell stories to create long-term relationships with customers.

Rex discusses the challenges of defining content marketing, explains the best way to use content and pulls no punches in calling out good and bad uses of content marketing. The industry pioneer also shares the most effective customer-marketing components that have been the secret to Hammock’s success over the past 27 years.

To read more of Rex’s expert observations on content marketing, find the full article here.