Find Ways to Upcycle Your Content

Repurposing your content has a number of benefits like reaching new audiences, boosting traffic and building credibility.

Continuing Our Founder’s Rich Legacy

On April 6, our founder Rex Hammock announced his retirement. Megan Hamby, editorial director, shares how Hammock Inc. will continue to honor his legacy in the way we approach content marketing and deliver high-value service to our clients.

Hammock Inc. Announces Successful Completion of Management Buyout

Transaction strengthens Hammock’s strategic focus on delivering innovative content marketing solutions for industry-leading clients

Healthcare Idea Email: Plus ça change …

Change is constant, but basic issues facing healthcare marketers seem to stay the same. Having a plan to address these challenges could be the difference between staying in the game and getting outmaneuvered by the competition.

Healthcare Idea Email: Collaborative Tools Boost the Engagement of Your Healthcare Content Marketing

If you want to be a truly consultative seller, then supporting your efforts with collaborative content marketing tools is something you should consider. It supports our highest aspirations: content that works!

Idea Email: Don’t Be Afraid to Break the Rules

As marketers, we can often get bogged down in adhering to the “rules” or best practices of content marketing. But don’t be afraid to break the rules and do what works best for your company.

Healthcare Idea Email: So, What Works?

There are essential questions any organization will have about its marketing, particularly for healthcare companies that are trying to market to hard-to-reach buyers in provider, payer and pharma organizations. So, what works?

Idea Email: In Search of Marketing Gold? Olympics Stories Can Provide Inspiration

As marketers, we’re all constantly seeking out ways to connect with our audience. Storytelling should be a priority for marketers because it forms a human connection and elicits a response. Olympics stories can provide inspiration.

Healthcare Idea Email: Explore New Ways to Promote and Distribute Content

Generating qualified leads requires more than just publishing compelling content. You also need a strategy for promoting that content. Utilizing paid media can be an effective and efficient way to reach your target audience and expand your reach.

Idea Email: Tell a Visual Story

Visual elements, such as video, presentations and infographics, help marketers connect with their audiences faster. As you kick off a new year, what’s on your content calendar that could benefit from a dynamic visual?