Healthcare Idea Email: Three Lessons From Comedy Clubs for Healthcare Marketers  

Storytelling and creating engagement with your ideas and solutions can be enhanced with attention to these tips.

Idea Email: Hammock Celebrates 30 Years of Creating Custom Media and Desired Results

Hammock provides a wide array of media to serve innovative marketers who use all forms of print and digital media. Our work represents a unique and strategic partnership custom media-designed and created to solve specific challenges and opportunities.

Healthcare Idea Email: Solving Healthcare’s Marketing Needs Means Specializing, Hollywood-Style 

The breadth and depth of the healthcare industry require a keen understanding of the challenges at all levels—in particular where the topics are clinical, financial and technical. At Hammock, we’ve made a business out of ensuring core competencies are in-house and then working with the best people in their respective disciplines.

Idea Email: Hooray for Hollywood! The Marketing Agency Model for Right Now

At Hammock, we’ve made a business out of ensuring core competencies are in-house and then working with the best people in their respective disciplines, who are contractors to us on projects and recurring contracted work, and utilizing tried-and-true processes and platforms to ensure our control over workflows and our ability to provide the best client experience and deliver the best results.

Healthcare Idea Email: Understanding the Agencies That Help You Communicate and Grow

We’ve evolved new capabilities and embraced new media, from digital to video to social. But where we add value is the same today as it was in 1991. We help support and nurture the customer journey, before they are a customer, and afterward. We deliver strategy and implementation, as well as measurement of key performance indicators, and we help our clients establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective fields.

Idea Email: Choose a Content Partner That is Resilient

Flexibility has long been part of our work culture at Hammock—even before the pandemic. But flexibility in itself―in scheduling, physical work location, technology use or anything else―is not enough if you don’t have the fundamental skills in place to do the job the right way in the first place.

Healthcare Idea Email: The Most Effective Tools in a Healthcare Marketer’s Toolbox

Marketing decision-makers at healthcare or healthcare technology organizations reported using content marketing, social media, webinars, email marketing and virtual events as part of their 2020 marketing strategy.

Idea Email: Savvy Marketers Don’t Mock Digital Seniors

Older adults are buying, using and mastering technology. Rather than making fun of one of the fastest-growing tech purchasing segments, find out how to reach them.

Healthcare Idea Email: Beware of Conventional Wisdom, Commodity Insights

Real information, when passed down and shared widely and inaccurately, becomes conventional wisdom. Are you playing a game of telephone with your content?

Q&A With Jeff Walter, Editor Extraordinaire

Jeff Walter is the newest member of the Hammock editorial team, joining in March 2020—shortly after we started working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although he has been part of our team for more than a year, none of us have worked in the office with him! Before finding his home at Hammock, […]

Idea Email: The Future of Print, According to Mr. Magazine

There is nothing like print media, nor will there ever be.

Healthcare Idea Email: Leveraging Events for Content After the Booths Come Down

Healthcare organizations’ returning to in-person events and conferences is a welcome sight. We have held the opinion that there is a lot you can do virtually, but nothing replaces being with one another for sharing knowledge, building relationships and developing business.

Idea Email: A ‘Gold’ Marketing Lesson From John Prine’s Family

We often talk about the various forms content marketing can take. Now, we share a “gold” marketing lesson from John Prine’s family.

Healthcare Idea Email: Healthcare and the Value of Knowing What You Don’t Know vs. Not Knowing

Do you know what you don’t know about how to maximize your healthcare business with content marketing?

Idea Email: How the Pandemic Has Changed Marketing

How has the pandemic changed marketing? Marketers—especially content marketers—are having to adjust their relationship to customers.

Healthcare Idea Email: Why Do You Buy? Why Should You Stay?

The right outside partner’s access to domain expertise is valuable for helping you hone your message.

Idea Email: How (and Why) to Preserve Your Company’s Story

Now is time to preserve the history and resilience of any event through which you are living and working or witnessing.

Idea Email: Just Listen

Be open-minded and avid miners of what you see and hear. It’s amazing what you’ll see when you listen more—and what you’ll hear when you look more.

Healthcare Idea Email: Helping Healthcare Customers Navigate Their Journey With Content, Platforms

Is your approach helping or preventing customers from navigating their healthcare journey?

Idea Email: How Google and Small Businesses Used the Pandemic to Grow

The past year’s pandemic has been both a challenge and an opportunity for small businesses—and large businesses. While stories of business failure seem never-ending, there also have been inspiring stories of businesses pivoting to success.