5 Success Factors for Today’s Leaner Marketing Operations

Changing marketing operations structures are the new reality. We share 5 principles that can guide your approach and help you succeed.

Do You Have Data That Can Be Mined to Create Great Content?

If you are focused on establishing yourself as a thought leader in your part of the healthcare industry, or providing helpful content to your customers, consider the golden opportunity provided by data-supported insights.

Are You Fueling the Engine, or Running on Fumes?

It’s estimated that content marketing generates three times the number of leads as traditional marketing channels yet right now, many companies are being very conservative with their spending and holding off on investments in marketing.

4 Reasons Human Writers Can’t Be Replaced by AI Tools Like ChatGPT … Yet

There are lots of ways AI can optimize content successfully for SEO or higher open rates, and AI and machine learning will be a great tool for the tactical aspects of content marketing. But the strategic value and human storytelling value aren’t yet being replaced.

What Are You Talking About When You Are Talking About Engagement? Plan for Success

True engagement requires addressing health equity issues throughout your entire organization—not just in your marketing communications. Healthcare organizations must first address equity to truly engage patients.

There’s Still Value to Creating Content Without a Call to Action

One thing worth evaluating in your marketing is the degree to which you expect content to drive leads, and to what extent you view its role as brand support. While some companies rightfully invest in both, others are more confused in what they expect.

How Well Are You Telling Your Story?

Customers love a good story, especially one that makes them feel good about the product or service they are buying. Blog posts, videos and other digital content that captures why you do what you do can help you share your story.

Plan for Success

Failure to plan is planning to fail. With only a handful of weeks left in the year, now is the time to start thinking about your content plans and goals for 2023. Consider these four questions.

Don’t Put Your Foot in Your Mouth

How can you avoid putting your foot in your mouth in your email marketing campaigns? The right checks and balances in place can help your company avoid email marketing mistakes.

Awareness, Acquisition and Best Practices for Healthcare Marketing

Most healthcare companies, small or large, are hard at work on marketing to customers, whether those are consumers or B2B customers. But are they raising awareness or acquiring customers? Are they better at one than the other, or are they doing both equally well?