By Steve Sullivan, National Sales Director

I’m hearing more and more buzz about ABM (Account Based Marketing) as a “new” idea in marketing. For those of you scratching your head, we can boil it down fairly simply—it is an approach that targets large prospects by targeting each buyer or person with influence.

I recently attended my first Lunch & Learn hosted by Association Media & Publishing. What a great program for association professionals! This one was covering use of social media — an important topic around here at Hammock.
One of the things that I always find most valuable at such gatherings is the questions people ask. They give you a little window into understanding the association audience they serve.
I found myself asking “How would we answer that at Hammock?” since we are using all types of social media tools as part of our content marketing strategies every day. Instead of blurting out answers there, I circulated the questions to our Internet marketing team and here’s what they said.