“All businesses are media businesses.”

That axiom sure sounds believable in 2017. Being a media company means you have the ability to create and distribute your message directly to any audience, without having to pay a toll to intermediaries.

In an Idea Email sent in 2013, we suggested that a möobius strip, or infinity loop, is the best graphical representation of the customer journey, or the “customer life cycle.” We like the möobius metaphor because it demonstrates there are two distinct states of being a customer:

By Rex Hammock
Founder and CEO

About 20 years ago, a Hammock editor made a witty observation that instantly became one of our company’s long-running inside jokes. During a conversation about some wonkish technology trend, the staffer said with a great deal of faux seriousness, “I know I’m going out on a limb here, but I predict that computers will keep getting smaller, and the internet will keep getting faster.” In many subsequent tech discussions, we ask that “futurist,” now the company’s president and COO, to remind us of his tongue-in-cheek prediction.

Funny thing, he was right.


In two days, leadership of the world’s most powerful economy and military will transition from one president to another. Since the Civil War, this tradition of transition has been marked by peacefulness, but not always without acrimony. We have changed presidencies in the midst of great philosophical differences, world wars, economic crises and disagreements over the direction and policies of the nation.


In its “5 Questions Marketers Should Ask in 2017,” Google challenges marketers to ask themselves, “Do I have a portfolio of customer media and marketing content assets that appeal to both the immediate and longer-term needs of my customers?”



Hammock Healthcare
Idea Ebook | Book 1

Using Content to Support Sales to Healthcare Providers

Successful marketing and sales to healthcare providers—and building enduring relationships—requires helping your customer along a journey from problem to solution. Developing lead generation content is the first stage in the customer journey, but an enduring relationship with customers goes far beyond this first stage.

The Ebook, Using Content to Support Sales to Healthcare Providers, provides ideas on:

  1. The appropriate audience to reach
  2. How to deliver content your audience values
  3. How content influences decision makers
  4. How to build relationships with customers over a long sales cycle
  5. How to ensure your sales content is effective
  6. How to communicate in a time of change
  7. How to ensure your content is seen

Learn this and more by downloading Using Content to Support Sales to Healthcare Providers, the first in the Hammock Healthcare Media series, A Healthcare Marketer’s Guide to Enduring Customer Relationships.


By Rex Hammock

Since this is the last Idea Email of 2016 (we will be back on Thursday, January 5), I decided to save you some time by suggesting these four New Year’s resolutions for managers and marketers.

By Rex Hammock

“The KISS principle” was a short-lived business buzzword in the 1970s. Borrowing a U.S. Navy acronym (Keep It Simple, Stupid), it was the theory that business systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated. 


On the Tuesday before each Thanksgiving,
we share this idea. And with it, we send our deepest thanks.

Not long ago, the most powerful word in marketing was the word FREE.

That era ended with the creation of filters that automatically translate the word into “spam.”

Now, the most powerful word in marketing is THANKS.


By Rex Hammock, Founder and CEO

Yesterday, the morning after the 2016 presidential election, I received an email from an investment company. Its subject line: “How could the election impact financial markets and the economy?”

Besides being a great example of savvy timing (it was the first such email I received) and an impossible-to-ignore subject line, the message demonstrated what a company must do to be perceived as an “opinion leader.”