By John Lavey, CEO/President

In our work creating content marketing to support clients, we’ve noticed two common challenges for technology companies: 1) effectively communicating their story to buyers who are inundated with other vendors pitching solutions and 2) focusing on what matters most to the buyer. 
A recent survey offers insights into what buyers of technology solutions value, as well as what those buyers consider to be deal breakers. The deal breakers contain some interesting results that align with our experience. The most significant deal breaker is: 
Lack of transparency into the fulfillment process 
Tech companies excel at showcasing product features and benefits. Some are even great at talking about how they can solve key problems for customers. However, many fall short in clearly communicating how they implement or install their solution and how they onboard the client. 
Again and again, we see this lack of transparency into how tech providers will implement their platform and serve the customer. Companies whose customers recognize their strength in this area still tend to miss the opportunity to communicate this in sales presentations and marketing discussions. 
How well are you communicating the thing that your customer needs to know?


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