While there is no way to know, I’m guessing there’s never been an election where everyone at Hammock HQ has voted for the same candidate. And as Nashville is in a run-off mayoral and Metro Council election with outstanding candidates, there’s a good chance we won’t be breaking our 24-year-history of never agreeing 100% on who we’ll vote for — at least that’s my guess.

However, we do agree on one thing: How hard it is to figure out exactly when and where to vote early in this run-off. For example, every day, the polls close at a different time: 7 p.m., 6 p.m. or 4 p.m. So to find out exactly what time today the polls close, you must visit the Davidson County Election Commission’s webpage on Nashville.gov.

voting-sked-beforeThere you can download a PDF of a page filled with  SHOUTING-OUT ALL-CAPS listing the time the polls will close.

We appreciate the effort, but this approach, with line-after-line of information just doesn’t work for us.

Rather than complain, we decided to create something we could share in the office that makes it a little clearer when and where one can vote early. Thinking we’re not the only confused voters, we then decided we’d share it here with anyone who would like to use it.

We’re not trying to get you to vote for a specific candidate. We’re just trying to get you to vote.

We’ve posted it with a Creative Commons license that grants anyone the right to take the page and use it any way you’d like. So, for example, if you are a supporter of a candidate in any of the run-off races, feel free to use it any way you’d like — except not in a way that appears like we’re endorsing a candidate. Do that and at least 50 percent of us would be mad.

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(Feel free to share, even adapt, this.
It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.)

Photo of voting booths: ThinkStock.com