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By: Steve Sullivan, Sales Director

After several years of attending healthcare technology conferences, I have noticed there are patterns that exist in the healthcare technology space.
And as with most conferences, the topics and buzzwords shift each year. This year’s buzz was all around artificial intelligence (AI)—if you didn’t have AI in your pitch, you were in the minority.
Change is constant.
But some things don’t change.  The basic issues facing healthcare marketers seem to be a constant—and we resonate with each of these challenges.
  • Aggressive sales goals
  • Elusive buyers and decision makers
  • Marketing and sales staff thinly stretched across competing priorities
  • The need to quantify and measure the effects of our campaigns
  • Understanding the language of healthcare audiences
  • Connecting with customers around the pain and challenges we solve
These marketing and sales process support challenges aren’t changing. Whether you have a full in-house agency or you’re a sole marketing practitioner, these challenges seem ubiquitous.
And with the sheer volume of technology and services companies in this space (many exhibit while hundreds stay home), having a solution and a plan to address these challenges could be the difference between staying in the game and getting outmaneuvered by the competition.
Connecting with audiences while differentiating from the competition is serious business. And those that have taken on institutional investments have heightened pressure to help drive that growth.
Simply put, if we don’t have the support, resources or trusted partner to fuel the growth engine, then we risk missing out on business opportunities, regardless of how cutting-edge our products appear.
So unless marketers face these challenges head on, the old maxim holds true: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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