Hammock has sent a team to the Nashville Adult Literacy Council Corporate Spelling Bee for years (and has brought home the big, heavy trophy more than a few times), so we know the drill when September rolls around. But this year, they raised the stakes: Come in costume and get a free pass in Round 1.
Team members Jamie Roberts, Steve Sullivan and Ashley Drinnon arrived to the spelling bee, held Tuesday, Sept. 28, in style. Jamie was a not-so-wicked witch, Steve played a convincing Prince Charming, and Ashley, our intern from Vanderbilt University, carried the team with her long locks and princess dress. Yes, she was Rapunzel—and our team captain.
They came large (winning the unofficial best costume award) but left empty-handed. Team Hammock misspelled “augur” (v. to foretell especially from omens) and “failed” to use the free pass properly.
They protested the call, and former Nashville Vice Mayor and Bee Judge Howard Gentry even let Rapunzel plead her case—but to no avail.
Still, a good time was had by all—even Steve, who just the day before pointed out, “The costume idea was conveniently left out of the recruitment process… .”
Really? Oops!!!
Congratulations to the winning team, Ingram Content Group, who correctly spelled “harridan” and subsequently was showered (for the second year in a row) with gifts, fame and a giant trophy. If you missed the spelling bee, you can catch it on Metro 3, Nashville’s public access tv channel. Check the schedule for air dates.