By Rex Hammock, CEO

As I’ve shared before, using content in marketing is like a golfer and their bag of clubs. Each situation a golfer encounters calls for a unique club—but knowing which club to use is just as important as knowing how to use it.

One of the most challenging and rewarding things about using content tools in marketing is learning when to use new tools, as well as learning how an old tool can work in new situations.

For example, consider infographics. For the past 20 years, our designers have been using infographics to help clients turn data into visual stories. We first started publishing them on the pages of magazines, but now you can find infographics on websites, e-books and blog posts. Knowing how and when to use the “new vs. old” content tool can mean the difference between communicating and miscommunicating.

The same is true about the use of maps or video—or knowing when it’s OK to use a simple video of a line worker on a 30-second “how to” vs. when you should use a broadcast quality video.

And more and more, we’re seeing creative uses of audio and text content being used interchangeably. It’s been around for years on NPR and Audible, but now Apple News is using such a tool.

All this leads to another challenge: When is the right time to use various modes of communication? We advise our clients to think of content distribution as a campaign, not just a one-off. And we advise clients to be agnostic about what tool to use, especially if an old tool works better.

We also advise clients to practice on a putting green and driving range before trying to make it into the Masters.

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