By Jeff Walter, Editor and Writer

For most of us, 2020 has been an extraordinarily challenging year—but especially for those serving in the healthcare professions. So we at Hammock recently sponsored a “Thank You, Healthcare Heroes” giveaway, asking clients, colleagues and friends to nominate someone working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic to receive a free hammock.

It was just a small but symbolic way for us to honor a group of people who selflessly put their lives on the line every day to provide essential care for their community, and who well deserve a rest. We selected three winners whose stories particularly inspired us.

Our recipients are:

Joyce Lloyd. Joyce was nominated by Melinda Moore, who wrote: “Let me tell you about my sister, Joyce Lloyd. She is a CNA for Covenant Home Health. She has been in this field for 41 years. She started while in high school. She gives so much in her job and goes above and beyond. She spends her own money to make sure her patients have the necessities that they need. She has a trunk full of soap, shampoo, food, clothing—you name it and she has it and gives it willingly. Through the entire pandemic she has worked and treated her patients just the same as before. She leaves home some days at 7 a.m. and may not return until 7 p.m. She has a passion for her job and is a big advocate for the elderly. She deserves a nice hammock to relax in.”

Michelle Irwin Tough. Michelle, a nurse practitioner at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, was nominated by Jamie Roberts, who wrote: “I could extoll all her virtues, but I thought some of her own words via three recent Facebook posts might give you a good idea of what a special person she is—one deserving of all boosts, shoutouts and respect.” Jamie attached three posts from Michelle that exhibited amazing leadership, compassion and insight as she urged people to be safe, respect the doctors and medical experts, and protect themselves and one another.

Mary West. Mary was nominated by Jennifer Larson, who wrote: “I’d feel guilty if I didn’t nominate an amazing local nurse I know. Her name is Mary West. She’s a registered nurse in Nashville who works with the public health department, making sure that people get the info they need about COVID. During the spring, she was also a co-coordinator of an effort to collect and distribute PPE to local hospitals and clinics when everything was in short supply. She’s worked tirelessly in the local community to spread good, scientifically sound information about COVID—and she does it in a super-kind, super-friendly way. Mary is the kind of person who would give you the shirt off her back, and everyone who knows her will tell you the same thing. She also worked as a camp nurse this summer out at Whippoorwill, and is a leader of Cub Scout Pack 40 at Harpeth Valley Elementary. I just can’t say enough good things about Mary.”

Keep up the good work, Joyce, Michelle and Mary, and enjoy your hammocks! We thank you and the thousands of heroes who inspire us with your example.

Image: Getty Images

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