By Rex Hammock, CEO

One day, when we are looking back at how the coronavirus pandemic changed marketing, high on the list will be digital video—the streaming kind, the ubiquitous kind, the on-demand kind, the face-to-face kind, the always-recording kind.

Though digital video has been around for three decades, it has still been a mystery to marketers in many ways. But we’ve finally discovered that video isn’t one thing, it’s everything.

From now until forever, any new product that is created and distributed must be accompanied by a how-to instructional video. The same is true for events. Even when people discover that virtual meetings aren’t right for all kinds of meetings and conventions, people will still expect to have access to video versions of panels and keynote speakers.

The fusion of universal video and quarantine has proven that formal or professionally produced video is a tool, but just another tool like other kinds of video that are enabled by Zoom.

When we look back at how video content can be produced anywhere and anytime on any device, we will realize that before 2020 and after 2020 are two different eras.

We will realize there’s no going back.

Image: Getty Images

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