By: John Lavey | Hammock President/COO

Green shoots, or new sales activities for many healthcare companies, are appearing on the ground over the last 60 days (since the start of the pandemic) without much new growth.

But traditional sales activities may not resume anytime soon. Lunches, seminars, conferences, boardroom presentations and travel will eventually happen again, but many groups are starting to think about what a new normal (or the next normal, as a friend shared with me this weekend) looks like.

As companies shifted to a work-from-home environment in mid-March, many forward-thinking leaders began to equip sales teams with tools to thrive in the “next normal.” These organizations have pivoted toward the following kinds of assets, with the idea that their sales team can lean heavily on their particular advantages given the current limitations of in-person interactions.

  1. Digital assets help sales teams stay in touch. Nothing makes sales teams more uncomfortable than not communicating with their prospects. Better content assets can help bridge time across longer sales cycles. Digital content assets, from e-books to video content to blog posts, pushed out with frequency, continue a conversation.
  2. Visual media can help when in-person meetings aren’t possible. Not being physically present can be awkward. Visual media, such as conversational sales presentations, can be tailored to guide conversations more effectively and help replace some of the energy missing from in-person meetings. Videoconferencing platforms, such as Zoom or Webex, can also help sales teams communicate face-to-face with prospects, building trust and relationships.
  3. Creating helpful content can engage your audience and generate leads. Filling the pipeline with leads can be challenging right now. Webinars might be just the ticket needed to generate interest. If you can create content that really resonates in the moment, you can expect an engaged audience to hear what you have to share.

What are you doing to embrace the next normal? What content could you be using to help your sales efforts thrive?

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