By Rex Hammock, CEO

Today is May 21, 2020, and, in my opinion, it’s an amazing day.

Today marks 70 days since the 2020 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament was canceled because of COVID-19. The next day, President Trump declared a national emergency and life as we knew it changed.

Rarely, if ever, does a global event touch all our lives so intimately, threatening our public and personal lives simultaneously but in equally unique and distinct ways.

In that time, we’ve discovered it’s easier to make do if you are already part of a great team. We’ve also discovered just how great a team can be: A team of clients and partners and suppliers who view their jobs not as paychecks but as passionate callings.

It’s the 70th day since our team of clients, employees and freelancers and their families reminded us—without having to say it—just how lucky we are to have something impossible to describe or measure.

However, today is awesome for another reason, too. Today, May 21, 2020, is Kerri Foster’s 25th anniversary at Hammock. As our creative director, she brings a vast knowledge of design, art and typography to Hammock’s team. She is part of the fabric that makes me proud of who we are and what we have built, and we are infinitely better for having her as a trusted leader and guiding visionary of our cohort.

Her teammates—which include current and former coworkers, clients and adoring fans—join me in thanking her for all she’s done for the past 70 days, as well as the past 25 years!

Image: Getty Images

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