By Rex Hammock, CEO

Look at the screen you are using to read these words. Never before has such technology, ingenuity and creativity made it possible to spread your message to more people.

But, in reality, the most powerful forms of communication are not powered by technology—they are powered by the stories told through technology. Marketplaces are powered by two people looking at one another, face to face. Marketplaces are created when those two people grow into communities, conferences and forums.

We know this from assisting with a proprietary research project that focused on the effectiveness of various B2B forms of media. Conferences and similar person-to-person gatherings ranked No. 1. Activities that replicated events, such as webinars, teleconferences and so on, ranked second.

This morning, a client called to inform us that they are canceling an upcoming conference. Fortunately, we had already shared alternative ideas for distributing content and other materials to customers who could not attend the live event—and this client can use these ideas in lieu of the conference.

America runs on the power of direct-to-customer media and constant communication among employees and suppliers—and even competitors. I believe in using technology to develop direct-to-customer networks of communication and collaboration. But technology should never stand in the way of or attempt to replace the old-fashioned effectiveness of an in-person conversation.

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