By: Megan Hamby, Healthcare Editor and Writer

We know this is an unprecedented time in healthcare. As more Americans are diagnosed with COVID-19, the healthcare system grows even more overwhelmed. Many of you—whether you’re a nurse, physician, marketing director, social worker, therapist or vendor—are working long hours. Dozens of healthcare workers have fallen ill with COVID-19, and more have been quarantined after exposure.

“The risk to our healthcare workers is one of the great vulnerabilities of our healthcare system in an epidemic like this,” Liam Yore, a board member of the Washington state chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians, told The Washington Post. “Most ERs and healthcare systems are running at capacity at normal times.”

Each day seems to reveal a new pandemic-related challenge. Whether you’re working at the patient bedside or behind-the-scenes, there are multiple decisions to make and options to consider as you communicate with patients, employees and suppliers. To say it’s a unique time in the world is an understatement.

We see the sacrifices you’re making. We see you leaving your families, day in and day out, to care for critically ill patients and expose yourself to this disease. We see the lack of essential protection equipment and resources to do your jobs effectively. We see you scrambling to make arrangements with patients who have upcoming elective procedures, and we see you trying to educate your communities on prevention and safety during this time.

We see you, and we appreciate you. To every healthcare employee, hospital worker, clinician, nurse, cafeteria worker, marketing director and provider: You are the true heroes during this pandemic. It seems inadequate—but thank you.

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

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