By Jeff Walter, Senior Healthcare Editor and Writer

One of the most pressing challenges in today’s healthcare environment is access. That one simple concept touches practically every area of what hospitals, clinics, health systems, health plans, home health agencies, provider groups and other healthcare organizations do every day.

There’s access, first and foremost, to care. There’s access to insurance coverage, to specialists, to reliable information (including one’s own records), to assistance in navigating the whole complicated system. The needs are great and the resources, unfortunately, limited. Outsourcing and partnerships can be valuable allies in providing the best care.

The same often proves true in healthcare marketing. How easy are you making it for your patients/customers (and potential ones) to access the information and messages that your organization wants to communicate to them?

Today’s most successful healthcare marketers realize the importance of engaging with consumers across a range of media and platforms. Personalization means reaching people “where they are,” giving them access to useful information at their convenience, on their timetable and on their terms, through their preferred channel(s). From text and email campaigns to blog posts, from e-books to whitepapers, from infographics to videos, from case studies to social media, the methods of reaching your target audience are practically as limitless as your imagination.

There may be limits, however, to the time and other resources that your in-house staff has available to effectively and efficiently craft and curate this content. Whether your team is directly involved in patient care, or it plays a supporting role as a vendor or service provider, consider whether you are content with your content. Might you benefit from access to marketing specialists who can provide critical services as needed? Most companies find such content too specialized and too expensive to create in house.

At Hammock, we have a demonstrated track record of helping healthcare companies market themselves through carefully created content that their varied audiences can actually use. Our experienced researchers, strategists, writers, editors and designers can help your organization forge deeper and longer-lasting relationships with customers—helping instead of hyping, all in the interest of everyone’s good health.

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