What a great way to start our week! Last night, MyBusiness (the magazine we publish for members of the National Federation of Independent Business) was honored at the Folio Show in New York with a prestigious Ozzie design award for best feature design in a business-to-business magazine with a circulation above 100,000. This award is a big one within our industry. At Hammock, we liken it to an Emmy, though as Managing Director John Lavey points out, itユs really more like a Golden Globe. Either way, weユre thrilled to have won.
The winning entry was a feature in our February/March 2006 issue about a business owner who single-handedly rescued the small town he loved as it teetered on the edge of extinction, like so many other small towns across our country. Congrats to our fabulous design department for their smart work and excellent photo direction.
Select any of the spreads at the left to open a PDF of the full article and see the whole thing in its full-fledged Ozzie-rrific-ness.