We were going to do some cute post about the 15 things we love most about Hammock Publishing to commemorate Hammock’s 15th anniversary this month. But when we started the list of our favorite parts of working here, we could tell we would pass the 15 mark several times over.
It the simplest terms in boils down to this: We love working at Hammock because of the:

  • Work/life balance
  • Latest and great technology
  • The cool Christmas parties
  • Freedom
  • Internet
  • Gambling
  • Celebrity gossip
  • The great Christmas parties
  • Creativity
  • Movie reviews
  • Great coworkers
  • Diverse clients
  • Trust
  • Challenges
  • Naps in the company hammock
  • The fun Christmas parties
  • The view from the “pie in the sky”

But not necessarily in that order. Here are a few things that could be heard around the water cooler when the topic of the anniversary came up recently.
Bill Hudgins: “From a selfish employee perspective: I have worked in large and small organizations, including a unionized place, and none of them ever offered benefits as generous or working conditions as friendly and caring as Hammock. If this is your first ‘real’ job, you don’t have any way to compare, unlike those of us who have worked other places. The only other place I worked that encouraged creativity, self-improvement and initiative as much as Hammock was the PR agency where Rex originally hired me.”
Barbara Greenfield: “Rex and Patrick R. keep me ‘technologically hip’ so I don’t feel like an idiot in public when I hear people talking about Apple’s new innovation and RSS feeds. And people here love what they do. It’s not ‘just a job.'”
Jamie Roberts: “Hammock has the best Christmas parties — and after-parties.”
Megan Goodchild: “A work-life balance is definitely supported at Hammock, and it’s not the end of the world if you get sick or have to go to the doctor during the day. Also, being an Apple/technology nerd is pretty much encouraged.
Summer Huggins: “To anyone in the blogosphere, Rex is a celebrity! (So to steal words from Heather Armstrong:) Working for Rex is like working for Brad Pitt’s cousin. Say the words ‘Rex Hammock’ in some circles and people are impressed and a little verklempt!”
Shannon McRae: “I love working at Hammock because I learn about things like mobile blogging and RSS before most anyone else I know, thanks to Rex’s love of technology. And the laughs we share from recounting stories of Hammock Christmas parties past. And the total lack of micromanaging.”
Lena Basha: “That pour-your-heart-out speeches at Hammock Christmas parties are well-received with responses like, ‘Oh my goodness, you almost made me cry,’ and ‘I was thinking the same thing.’ And that celebrity gossip is encouraged.”
Lynne Boyer: “The Hammock Publishing office experience. You have to be a part of it to understand. And we actually have fun office Christmas parties, ones that employees/significant others want to attend.”