Marine Corps League

Once a Marine, always a Marine. It is such a core value to those who serve that it is printed at the top of each cover of Semper Fi magazine, the bimonthly magazine of the Marine Corps League, a fraternal organization of honorably discharged Marines.

The organization exists for its members to provide voluntary assistance to other Marines, and to perpetuate the history of the Marine Corps. During the past decade, the Marine Corps League leaders have evolved the role of Semper Fi and its other print media to serve a higher purpose for the League. Since 1775, Marines have been America’s tip of the spear in military actions around the world, and the League placed more emphasis on challenging its members to do more to support active-duty Marines.

Hammock transformed the magazine into a contemporary and constant symbol of the pride Marines have in the Corps and for their country. With a rebranding, a complete design overhaul and a precise set of objectives, Semper Fi helped the Marine Corps League grow by appealing to younger Marines and broadening its membership to include a more balanced mix of members from the enlisted and officer ranks.