The first step in successful content marketing is to ensure your website is set up properly. Good Plum has a list of several common mistakes businesses make with their websites, including:

  • A bad domain name: Will you choose one that incorporates important keywords? Or will you go with one that’s catchy? Or both? Spend time researching and testing your domain name, Good Plum says.
  • Neglecting traffic generation strategies: Websites that ignore tie-ins to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, fail to research keywords and other Internet marketing tactics, and ignore their rank in organic and paid search will not be as easily discovered as those who utilize those services.
  • An ugly website: It might sound harsh, but if your website is difficult to look at (blinking banner ads everywhere, 10 different fonts, 50 different colors, etc.), people won’t stay long. Be kind to your visitors’ eyes and invest time in developing a good design—both visual and navigational—for your website.