You’ve heard it before, the people who don’t really “get” Twitter say it’s just for telling other people about what you had for lunch. But if you’re a marketer, you know Twitter is (and can be) so much more than that.
Jason Falls knows this. In a recent post on Social Media Today, he breaks down the four social media marketing styles that he’s observed using Twitter:

  • The Conversationalist. Those who “use Twitter for their business, but seem more apt and willing to participate in the daily chitter-chatter…”
  • The Conversational Marketer. The marketer on Twitter who “… has a more obvious, even stated, purpose for using Twitter.”
  • The Salesman. Falls says this is the marketer who pushes products more than 50 percent of the time, conversing with others even less.
  • The Broadcaster. Falls initially called this type of marketer the “spammer,” but notes many of them definitely have a following.

So, which marketing style do you have on Twitter?