A successful content marketing strategy is not limited to only posting relevant, engaging content on your website. You have to learn how to take that great content and distribute it—syndicating it to other online outlets. One of those outlets is Twitter.
Twitter is where a growing portion of your audience is consuming their content, whether breaking news or pithy analysis. So embrace the power of Twitter to drive people back to your site’s compelling content. Twitter should become a larger source of your referring website traffic.
Wondering how to make Twitter part of your content marketing strategy? Here are three content marketing Twitter tips from Meqouda’s Amanada McArthur:

  1. Be proactive. To get people to follow you, follow other people.
  2. Promote. Include your Twitter account on all articles, email newsletters and your website.
  3. Stay relevant. Whether it be with news or tips, MacArthur advises that if you “Create content, push content, and the traffic will come.”