This film nerd always gets super-excited around Oscar time. Just for fun, I’ve checked out the content available on, sponsored by ABC, the home of this year’s Academy Awards broadcast, and, the official site of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). These two sites have different strengths, but both add valuable content for their audiences.

While it’s not as flashy or vibrant as, which features message boards, tons of video and fun extras like daily trivia games, the AMPAS site is the best place to search for content that would actually win those trivia games. is chock-full of Academy Award statistics allowing for easy search of “films with 10 or more Oscars” or “Films Winning Both Best Actor and Best Actress,” and its database features screenwriting resources and even an inventory of motion picture script holdings. The site also has a list of preserved films that you might want to add to your Netflix queue.
These two sites in partnership with each other build a pretty comprehensive content hub for film snobs and blockbuster-lovers alike. What kind of partnerships make sense in your content marketing strategy? What would allow you to keep your niche strong, yet add value for your audience?