4 ways to find interesting Tweeters to follow

Perhaps you’re new to Twitter, or maybe you’ve been on Twitter for a couple of years now and just want to find a few new people to follow. What’s a tweep to do?

  1. Keep an eye on those you’re following. The people you’re already following add value to the conversation, so it stands to reason that they’re following interesting people too. Take at look at their lists of followers and check out the possibilities of new people to connect and network with.
  2. Utilize search.twitter.com. If you’re interested in following more local people, those interested in a particular hobby or others from your industry, use search.twitter.com to find others tweeting about Nashville, knitting or nursing at any given time.
  3. Is your favorite blogger tweeting? I bet they are. Bloggers who are interested in listening and participating in the conversations happening on Twitter will more than likely let you know that somewhere on their blog. (Example: Rex Hammock’s blog, the RexBlog, has a “follow me on Twitter” icon where you can follow him with one click.)
  4. Use services like Mr. Tweet. I think of Mr. Tweet kinda like “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” for Twitter: It will show you who you’re connected to through those you’re already following and those following you. There are often very good connections to make though his recommendations.

While much has been said recently about certain Twitter users hitting 500,000 and even 1,000,000,000 followers, we believe it’s the quality of the folks you are following — not the quantity — that will make your use of Twitter the most beneficial and effective.

And while you’re finding new folks to follow, be sure to follow us: @hammockinc.