We’ve been busy in the office today finding the perfect spot to showcase our newest trophy — the Gold Azbee award we won at last night’s American Society of Business Publication Editors awards banquet for MyBusiness, the magazine we publish for and with the National Federation of Independent Business.

Winning for the Best Regular Department category was MyBusiness Manual, a section of the magazine that has, over the years, won a variety of national awards, including a 2009 APEX Award.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t attend the banquet, which was held in Washington, D.C., but if we had (and if they allowed acceptance speeches), ours would have gone a little something like this:
We’d like to thank our client, NFIB, for giving us the opportunity to publish this magazine. And our writers, we couldn’t do it without you guys! This award is also for our design department, who makes every issue of MyBusiness look more amazing than the last one. For all the publicists out there who pitch us ideas, thanks a million. And finally … can someone turn the music off? … no seriously, I don’t think they can hear us …
Check out the current MyBusiness Manual, the Essential Guide to Exceeding Customer Expectations, at mybusinessmag.com.