Forget the fact that half the country is still freezing and parts of the West Coast are, tragically, turning into goop too thick to drink and too thin to hold up houses. Spring is SO close, and the hot-off-the-press March-April issue of Ride Personal Watercraft Magazine makes waiting even harder. We publish Ride for the American Watercraft Association (AWA).
For this issue, Editor Bill Hudgins pried himself away from 500 hours of bowl games on New Year?s Day to go riding with some local folks on Old Hickory Lake, near his home in Gallatin, Tenn. “It was about 60 degrees that day, but was sleeting just a couple days earlier. That’s what passes for winter here,” recalls this one time Manhattanite.
Covering the wide world of watercraft, our writers and editors spared no effort to find cool places to ride. One of them gaped in awe at 50-foot-plus waves in Hawaii, while others found out that South Dakota is a great place to take a PWC vacation, and that watercraft can help keep beaches from eroding. And they met an 87-year-old woman who outruns riders a quarter her age. Who knew?
Ride is available as part of an AWA membership and also at AWA-supporting PWC dealers.