A detail from a quilt in the DAR Museum collection graces the cover of the March-April issue of American Spirit, the award-winning, bimonthly magazine we publish for the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).
Unlike Hammocks own Lisa Ask, an aspiring quilter, I couldnt sew if my life depended on it, says American Spirit Editor Jamie Roberts. Still, I was inspired by the collection of 19th century quilts featured in this issue, and even more so by the patriotic quilts and samplers on display in the DAR Museum’s current exhibition.
Not everyone can make it to Washington for a tour of the DAR Museum. That’s why we make it easier to see inside the museums impressive, unique collection with our new department, National Treasures. (NOT to be confused as a plug for Nicholas Cage’s latest movie.)
There were other ways that our ancestors captured images of their lives, and one of those crafts lives on in the hands of a modern artist practicing the classic art of silhouette portraits.
Speaking of ancient arts: Bestselling author Dan Da Vinci Code Browns forthcoming novel is about secret societies. American Spirit takes a closer look at one such societythe Freemasons and digs through the myth and misunderstanding surrounding the controversial group.
But what about women? An excerpt from Gail Collins’ book, Americas Women, gives just a glimpse of how much there is yet to re-learn about women and early America.
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