I knew that Hammock Publishing folks love magazines, but now I have a better idea of just how much we do. Last week, I thought it would be fun to poll everyone and see what we read. Here’s what I discovered.
According to my highly scientific research (I sent everyone an e-mail), the average Hammock employee subscribes personally to 5.6 magazines. (Summer, Laura and John top the list with at least 10 each. And we all have lots more office subscriptions to magazines related to our work.) I’ve also decided, based on our magazine preferences, that the average Hammock employee is also very well fed, nicely dressed, highly educated, in shape, well traveled and just plain cool.
Here are titles that topped the list of magazines subscribed to by Hammock employees (at least the ones who responded to my e-mail): Lucky, Real Simple, Cooking Light and National Geographic. The list also contained some off-the-wall titles such as UFO Magazine, Mad Magazine and Mental Floss.
Barbara, Blair and Rex probably have the longest running subscriptions. “Without a doubt, National Geographic Magazine is my favorite. I’ve received National Geographic since birth – 27 years – but I’ll admit I only looked at the pictures those first few years,” Blair says. “I have subscribed to Prevention magazine since the mid 1970s. I read it before most of Hammock’s employees were born. It is my favorite title of all time,” Barbara says.
Rex says hes never not had a subscription to Time. Since birth (and thats a long time ago), I’ve lived in a household with a subscription to Time. Even in college, I had a student subscription. I dont know how to not have a subscription to it.
Heres a rundown of the magazines we (at least, those who responded) subscribe to:

Alabama Heritage
Consumer Reports
Cooking Light
Cook’s Illustrated
Entertainment Weekly
In Style
La Cucina Italiana
Mad Magazine
Martha Stewart Living
Mary Englebreit Home Companion
Memory Makers
Mental Floss
National Geographic
New Yorker
No Depression
“O” the Oprah Magazine
Organic Style
Oxford American
Performing Songwriter
Popular Science
Racing Fan
Real Simple
Rolling Stone
Runner’s World
Shop, Etc.
Southern Living
Sports Illustrated
Texas Monthly
The Smithsonian
The Upper Room
This City Paris
Tin House
UFO Magazine
Vanity Fair
Wall Street Journal