From Lena, Hammorati entertainment correspondent:

We Hammock Publishing folks LOVE American Idol. OK, I love it and deep down, I think Rex does, too. In getting pumped for tonight’s final results show, there has been much discussion around the office as to which Idol contestant (the beautiful and talented Carrie “Crooner” Underwood or the grizzly but unfortunately likeable Bo “Bad Hair not to Mention Bad Habit” Bice) will be named the next American Idol. Here’s what some of us (those who admitted to following the show, at least) had to say:
Meredith: “Bo is scary looking.”
John: “I like that little Clay fellow. He’s great.”
Allison: “Bo. I think he offers up something a little different than all the other pop stuff out there.”
Rex: “Bo will win, but Carrie will move to Nashville and have a huge hit country album, then die in a tragic plane accident, after which she’ll develop a cult following who dedicate their lives to perpetuating the belief that she wast the greatest country singer ever.”
Barbara: “Paula is sleeping with Bo. No contest.”
Blair: “Carrie is a 5-7 favorite according to Vegas odds makers, so I go $1 on Bo.”
Laura: “Give me a rerun of ‘West Wing’ any day. ”
Jamie: “Bo. He’s from Alabama, the birthplace of another Idollittle Ruben Studdard.”
Carrie: “Well, I am for Carrie just based on the way she spells her name…”
Leslie: “Gotta go with Bo!”
Me: “Bo is stupid.”
So there you have it. If Hammock Publishing accurately represents the American Idol voting population, Bo will win. Blech.