ASPJA07CVR.jpgSummertime just isnユt complete without a road trip. Nothing spells freedom like driving down a winding country road on a sunny afternoon with your windows rolled down, your radio cranked up and a cool breeze and clear sky ahead. In the July/August issue of American Spirit, the magazine we publish for the Daughters of the American Revolution, our resident road warrior Bill Hudgins reveals that early Americans, too, shared this fascination with the open road. Our story, メAmericaユs Main Street: The Historic National Road,モ explores the history behind the nationユs first federally funded Interstate highway and explains how its construction paved the way for the America that we know today.
We hit the road to Indianapolis in our Spirited Adventures feature for a stop at Conner Prairie, a living history museum where interpreters make it their mission to transport visitors back to Indiana pioneer life, circa 1836. If youユre hankering for historical travel with dose of authenticity, youユll want to visit. We also check out a series of upcoming cross-country events celebrating the 250th birthday of the Marquis de Lafayette, the Frenchman who endeared himself to early Americans during the Revolution by helping them secure their independence.
On an adventure of another kind, we track advances in online genealogy, which allow you to trace your roots from the comfort of your computerムwithout traveling to out-of-the-way courthouses and digging through musty stacks of documents. Discover how these sites make it easy to research your lineage and connect with long-lost relatives without ever leaving home.
Wherever the road takes you this summerムwhether it be one of the beaches along our nationユs coasts, a historic hideaway or a spot for family funムhappy travels!