By Rex Hammock, CEO

Unlike most large corporations and industry associations that commission research to show how much their customers love their products, Google and other internet advertising networks have done something radical: They’ve used research to make the seemingly obvious assertion that “the online ad experience has sometimes fallen short of consumers’ expectations.” The result? Users react by adding ad-blocking extensions to their browsers.

Fortunately, Google doesn’t stop at research. They’ve joined with other internet advertising agencies and networks to form The Coalition for Better Ads, an industry organization that dedicates itself to improving online advertising.

Why are Google and others telling advertisers that a lot of internet advertising is awful? Unless they first admit the problem, they can’t help advertisers understand what their problem is, or what the advertiser can do about it.

As part of their response, Google has created tools and information and even an online community devoted to the topic of better ads.

Internet advertising is still in its early stages, even though it’s been around for more than 25 years. I would argue that “advertising” may not be the ultimate format that works best online. But marketers who experiment with various forms of digital marketing and media will discover what works best for their product, service or organization.

Google will no doubt fit in the marketing media playbook of companies of all sizes, for all ages. But even the internet advertising community admits there needs to be a coalition working to develop better ads. And we agree.


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