There’s only one expert who can determine success of the media and content you create for your customers and prospects.

That expert is not found in your C-suite or the departments that oversee marketing, communications, sales or technology. Nor is that expert a consultant, agency, thought leader, keynote speaker, guru or sender of Idea emails.

The only expert in the effectiveness of your customer media is the person who comes in contact with it. Some of us call that person a customer, but member, client and similar labels work.

No matter how impressively you craft and distribute a message, we must each face this reality: Each customer we try to reach is also bringing his or her reality (and experience, preference, knowledge or need) to the communication exchange.

Every customer is unique. They don’t universally respond to the ways we choose to communicate. They each want information in their personally preferred manner—in print, video and screens of any size.

Some love email, while others hate it. Swap the word email in that sentence with any form of communication and the same holds true.

And here’s even a more daunting challenge. As technology enables marketers to make better decisions about what individual customers want, one solution is creepy to some: ads that follow us around the web.

Bottom line: What works for one customer doesn’t work for others. Don’t just focus a blog post on “7 ways to enjoy your product.” Remember that you must also reach the “7 potential customers who will never visit your blog.”


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