By Rex Hammock, CEO

I dread this time of year.

No, it’s not the holidays I dislike. I’m a big fan of those. It’s the final few weeks of the NFL regular season I’m talking about. More specifically, it’s those final few weeks when a team I support* can clinch a playoff berth—but only if a long list of “playoff scenarios” fall into place.

In some sports, human beings determine which teams make it into a year-end tournament. But, this year due to very tight standings, an NFL playoff berth may be decided by algorithms that seem to be developed by a warehouse full of Google data scientists.

What does this frustration teach us?

This annual drama reminds me of how the little things that occur in the early part of the season determine who gets to move on to the “big show,” aka the Super Bowl.

In any endeavor that involves long-term commitment to a common goal, making it into the playoffs rarely depends on a season-ending miracle—or crazy what-if scenarios. They come because of the efficient blocking and tackling that take place in the first quarter, or because of strategies by special teams that happen in the second quarter. Or they may even require changes in player personnel at halftime.

I dread this time of the NFL season. But I also love it.

I know that sports are a great metaphor for what it takes to win in any type of endeavor. I hope we all can take what we’ve learned this season and apply it the first quarter that’s just a few weeks away.

Happy holidays, and cheers to your success in 2020—in all your endeavors.

*You guessed it: the Tennessee Titans.

Image: Getty Images

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