By Rex Hammock, CEO

As of this morning, September 24, 2020, Wikipedia contained 6,163,272 articles in English.

Sometime today, perhaps more than once, I will refer to one of those Wikipedia articles—and to other online resources that help me fill in the blanks of my knowledge.

While the era of the pandemic has made me and our team fans of work-at-home approaches, I’ve begun to realize that sharing quick snippets of knowledge can also serve as an opportunity to check in with Hammock team members.

For example, yesterday, I ran into a need for a short QuickTime video. Rather than turn to the endless YouTube answers I could find online for the how-to I was seeking, I opted to ask for help from a Hammock team member.

In the span of a few moments, I was able to set up a quick appointment with her—she was working with a client at the time—and received a great 90-second explanation and guidance that I could use then, and save for later.

Rather than a generic YouTuber explanation, I was able to get help from someone who knew exactly what I meant when I said, “you know that bar thing at the top of the screen” rather than spending five minutes trying to explain what bar I meant.

As important, I was able to catch up on her family and a recent vacation.

Bottom Line: The era of the pandemic can present opportunities to touch base with clients, employees, vendors, teachers. It can be a time of learning and teaching and sharing.

It’s also a great time to create new ways to help each other become smarter together.

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