By Rex Hammock, CEO

During the past four decades, I’ve witnessed a fascinating phenomenon in the field of marketing.

When I started working in PR, TV advertising was king of the mountain for marketers. Content marketing wasn’t even a small hill.

Today, “advertising” means Google and Facebook as much as it means CBS and CNN. (There are nuances to that observation. For example, local advertising is still a big piece of the advertising pie.)

To me, a fascinating part of the media marketing movement is that marketers want to try it—as if it is something new. Or cool. Marketers want to go direct to customers using an array of branded media.

And for us, media that goes directly from marketer to consumer has been what we have done for 30 years and, to this day, is still what we do.

Broadcast media is no longer “broadcast”—it’s streaming. Media has no time limits or seasonality of limits of any kind, it seems. Podcasting will soon surpass broadcast radio in hours consumed.

Paper books, e-books, audiobooks, even hardback on-demand books—just name your medium and we can provide it.

“Content is king” is a saying I’ve heard for the past 30 years. I just never understood what it meant. I get it now. It’s what we all do.

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