By Rex Hammock, CEO

Last week, I read a statement from the Think With Google team challenging marketers to use this moment in time to start a movement.

“Marketing has the power to either break stereotypes or solidify them, to push the cultural conversation forward or reverse it. … Marketing can be a conversation starter, and it’s painfully obvious that more conversations about systemic inequity and race need to be had. … We as marketers must empathize, understand, and connect with other people. We all have work to do to better understand and eliminate inequities. … It will make us better marketers, but more importantly, better humans.”

“This is more than a moment. It’s a movement.”

Marketers have unique talents and learned skills of communication and insight.

But we often forget that we have something else that draws us to this craft.

It is a mysterious thing we label “a calling.”

It is the chance to respond to needs, large and small.

It’s the chance to do something small that can change an individual’s life—including our own.

It’s more than a moment. It’s a movement.

Image: Getty Images

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