By Rex Hammock, CEO

For as long as there has been a Hammock Inc. (which is 30 years), we’ve had an unofficial rule that goes something like this: “When it comes to creating and managing media that helps our clients grow deep and loyal relationships with their customers and members, we are agnostic about one form of media over another. We are in the business of using content to solve problems and find opportunities.”
The following is based on a true story. Actually, several true stories.
A potential client sees a multimedia campaign that a content agency has created and managed with an existing client. The potential client says they want something just like the existing client’s.
When we meet with a client, it becomes clear that a different approach might be more effective—and even less expensive.
Many years of working with clients has reinforced the lesson that the best solutions are what you find from listening to the client, customer or buyer.
Suggestion: Be open-minded and avid miners of what you see and hear. It’s amazing what you’ll see when you listen more—and what you’ll hear when you look more.

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