By Rex Hammock

I’ve been asked hundreds of times over the past three decades: “What does Hammock do?”

As a professional content creator, you would think I’d have an instant answer. Indeed, if you look at our website, you can see that we try constantly to answer that question in different ways—from case studies to portfolios to 1,000-plus blog posts. However, every time someone asks me the question, “What does Hammock do?” I hesitate before responding.

All marketers have a similar challenge.

It happens because marketers must balance so many varied audiences and messages. And because there have never been as many ways to reach potential and current customers, marketers (including us) are tempted to try every type of content to solve every kind of challenge. Too often, marketers’ goals become jumbled up with the tactic of using as many marketing tools as possible.
Too many marketers are learning a lesson that is opposite of the one attributed to Abraham Maslow: “It is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

Today, it seems like there are endless types of hammers, so we think the solution is to start making different nails for each kind.

In the end, however, marketing only works if you find an efficient medium that balances strategy and goal. For us, that means answering the question, “What does Hammock do?” in the best way we can. I typically say something like, “We constantly master media tools to help our clients use everything from print magazines to YouTube videos to sales presentations to reach their specific marketing goals.”

What’s your answer when people ask, “What do you do?”


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