By Rex Hammock, CEO

Recently, I broke up with my cable provider. It wasn’t my intention to break up. I have been using the same provider since 1986. However, after a hassle over internet access, cord-cutting and the inability to communicate with a series of customer service employees, I had no other option than to start all over with a different approach. So I cut the cord and created my own bundle of services and features. For me, the solution to have a cable-free, internet approach has worked perfectly.

The experience reminded me of the critical role of “post-purchase” marketing in sustaining long-term customer relationships. So often, marketers forget the long-term value of customer retention vs. customer acquisition.

What triggered me to change was the original provider’s belief that any customer problem can be fixed with a “better package” or “better plan.” In my case, the decision was based on the cable company’s belief that getting me to sign up for another extended contract was more important than their ability to teach me, the customer, how to better use their communications technology.

At Hammock, we often say that the goal of marketing should not be about one transaction. Over time, the goal is to teach potential customers and existing users how your product or service can help them continuously find better ways to accomplish their changing goals.

Customers don’t want to purchase pots and pans—they want to become better cooks.

No matter what business you’re in, your customers want a relationship with marketplace providers who will support them for the long haul. To them, the transaction is the beginning of a journey, not the end.

Bottomline | Great post-purchase content and media are the foundation for long-lasting relationships. These essential tools help customers—and employees—understand that it’s not the cheapest product (or bundle) that creates great relationships, but rather the provider with the wisdom to look beyond the sale.

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