By Rex Hammock, CEO

According to the internet, much of the way we live and work will never be the same because of the coronavirus. Here’s what I mean:

Gyms will never be the same.
One in four gym regulars will never return to gyms.

Universities will never be the same.
Universities are being forced to confront long-standing challenges in higher education, such as skyrocketing tuition costs and perceptions of elitism.

Air travel will never be the same.
For the foreseeable future, many airlines are booking only aisle and window seats.

Need more? A few clicks on Google will lead you to hundreds of such things that have been forever changed by the coronavirus.

But predicting the future is probably not the best use of your time during this season of change. Instead, here are five things you can (and should) be doing:

  1. Create and manage what you can create and manage today.
  2. Rethink and enhance the role of corporate communicators within your organization.
  3. Listen to and hear your customers, your suppliers and especially your employees.
  4. Direct corporate content and media resources into a focus of help not hype.
  5. Embrace new media tools and seek help, from both inside and outside the organization, on mastering their use.

Your organization will never be the same.

But sometimes, that’s a good thing.

Image: Getty Images

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