By Rex Hammock

In the past, there were only a few paid media metrics that revealed the effectiveness of advertising. Two of the classics were “reach” and “frequency.” Reach was the potential audience size reached by an advertising campaign and frequency was the potential number of times a customer would come in contact with the ad.

In today’s digital marketing environment, advertising buyers have access to a variety of ways to measure an advertiser’s interaction with customers. With both extensive and expensive data, “reach and frequency” metrics have been augmented by considerations and measurement of factors like context, time-of-day or location along the customer journey.

What time of day does an eBook offer work best? When do customers listen to a podcast? What type of advertising will generate a lead at various points along the customer journey? How and why customers interact with certain marketing media and content marketing is growing in complexity.

Perhaps most importantly, these measurement tools and strategies will allow content marketers the ability to continuously create more effective digital media.

Takeaway: The effectiveness of content marketers is slowly being understood and appreciated. What will follow is a deeper understanding of the measurability of content that will inspire interest, impact and intent among customers.

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