By Rex Hammock, CEO

Glancing around our offices today, I see people working on projects ranging from the development of a historical documentary about a national association to a monthly customized print newsletter for a network of 60+ wellness programs. Others are working on an Ebook series supported by a social media strategy, while yet another is working on the popular website we created and maintain, And still others are putting the finishing touches on the next issue of an award-winning national magazine we’ve published for a client for the past 15 years.

So when people ask me, “What’s the best medium for marketing to customers or members?”, it’s like trying to answer a common question from my then 4-year old daughter: “Who is your favorite, me or my brother?” (Keep reading for the answer.)

Today, think of your direct-to-customer media choices as if you are a golfer, facing all the challenges a course presents. In your golf bag, you’ll find choices that help when you’re at the tee box or fairway and others to help you face a sand trap or other hazards.

As in golf, some media and content choices seem easy to master, while others take finesse and years of experience to gain the technical skill and confidence necessary to play at a high level.

But back to the question, “What’s the best media for marketing to customers?”

If you’re going to use the various forms of content and media available to marketers, never walk out onto the course of even a municipal golf course with less than three clubs in your bag—one of which will be a well-maintained website with an active blog. However, if you’re competing at Augusta National, you’ll need a bag with every club and accessory allowed and a caddie with a few decades of experience.

Again, each golf course presents a different set of challenges.

Personally, I believe the most powerful customer media “bag” is anchored with the permanence and power of a branded print magazine, paired with a constantly updated branded online strategy. But not all marketers play on a course where that club choice is appropriate. (That’s why we have expanded the clubs we provide clients.)

A marketer’s dream bag would include the customer media that will help you drive the farthest, avoid the most hazards and consistently sink the gimme putts.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll always have a go-club in the bag like the one I had with my daughter years ago: “You are and will always be my favorite … daughter.”


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