Do you know how well your content is working for you? If you can’t answer this question with confidence, you aren’t alone. Most marketers today lack a clear idea of how their content is helping them meet their business objectives. But with all of the money and resources invested toward this content, they can’t afford to be in the dark about how it’s helping them meet their goals.
Enter the content audit. At Hammock, we understand how important such an audit can be. That’s why we provide services to evaluate how clients’ current use of media and other content is working for them. Immediately after starting a relationship with a client, we conduct a Hammock Content Marketing Intelligence Report, a comprehensive look at which content is currently working and what changes are needed. This report involves an intake assessment, in which we collect all relevant information from the client for our research. (We provide a simple checklist of what we need so it’s a pretty painless process.)

After the intake, we move to the analysis phase of the project. We use analytical tools, such as an Internet marketing analysis of organic and paid search efforts, to determine the effectiveness of a client’s current content approaches. We also look to the clients’ competitors to see how their online content efforts compare. At the conclusion of our analysis, we deliver a full content marketing strategy, list of tactics and timeline for implementation.
After the initial Content Marketing Intelligence Report is complete and the content strategy is in place, we recommend conducting a monthly or quarterly report update to measure the success of the new strategy. This ongoing measurement not only makes it easier to see what adjustments need to be made to content marketing efforts, but changes can be implemented faster—and our clients’ goals reached. Ultimately, Hammock’s carefully mapped-out process helps our clients produce content that works.