The word content today means many things: Writing, photography, video, illustrations, design, interactive games, apps and data. Content can refer to a wide variety of media, also, from beautiful coffee-table magazines to how-to videos appearing on the web.
Because marketers are discovering that the difference between success and failure is often the quality, strategy and measurement of an organization’s content, we’ve decided to more clearly define our services by using the term “content marketing” to stress the solutions and support we can provide our clients.

Our craft at Hammock is to source or produce content that works to solve our clients’ specific challenges. We call it objective-based content marketing. It’s goal-oriented. It points our efforts in the direction of a finish line that our clients equate with success.
It means exactly what it sounds like: We work with clients who have specific business objectives and the work we do — the content we source, create and deploy in many ways — is designed to help them meet those objectives in a measurable way.
These days, those client objectives can be as varied as:
•Improving organic search ranking of specific keywords or phrases
•Growing email subscriber bases and increasing email open rates
•Improving website traffic performance, including lowering bounce rates, increasing time spent and attracting new visitors
•Reducing customer call center volume
•Recruiting new customers and retaining current customers
•Improving training materials
•Increasing the number of reviews appearing on an ecommerce site
And that’s just the beginning.
The key is that each objective is measurable. The solution to each is a mixture of strategy and research, technical savvy and, at the end of the day, great content.
To achieve an objective, we believe marketers need more, not fewer, media options. That’s why we don’t limit ourselves to one platform or channel. Whether it be online or offline, desktop or mobile, our content helps clients meet their objectives.
We’d love to show you how we can help you reach the finish line, whatever your objectives may be.
We’d like to work with you, so here’s our objective: We want you to contact Steve Sullivan at [email protected].
Photo credit: / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0