If you’re not getting all you want out of your content marketing efforts, this content marketing essentials article on copyblogger.com provides a few essential ideas on how to keep readers coming back for more.

  1. Offer a reward. Give your readers something that will benefit them in some way. The content must entertain or help, and hopefully do both.
  2. Show that you know your stuff, but don’t get a big head. Be a trustworthy source of information. Your readers want someone they can relate to, not an over-their-head college lecturer or smarter-than-everyone-else guru.
  3. Create a relationship first: You won’t create relationships—or sell anything—without building trust. Think about creating a “content net” in which you can sell what you have over time and not rely on one hard sell.

Focusing on these content marketing basics and making them part of your overall content marketing strategy should help lead you to the results you are looking for.