Our friend Joe Pulizzi of Junta42 has released a new white paper called “New Rules of Custom Publishing – New Complimentary White Paper: Nine Strategies to Create a World-Class Content Marketing Company.” You can download the white paper in a digital format here.

After the jump, read Joe’s list of Nine strategies to create a world-class content marketing company. As anyone who follows Hammock Inc., it’s no surprise we agree with each one of them:

1. Understand the Changes That Are Leading the Content Marketing Future – A comprehensive overview of the changes in technology, publishing and marketing that are driving the custom content revolution.

2. Be Active in Social Media – It’s Mandatory for the Future of Custom Publishing – From blogs to LinkedIn to Facebook, the new landscape of social media is an essential part of any strategy.

3. Acquire Expertise in All Forms of Content – Forget about focusing on one custom product; these days publishers need to be masters (or access to expertise) of everything from print magazines to Webcasts.

4. Walk the Talk – Don’t expect a client to have confidence in your expertise if your company is not its own best content marketer.

5. Position Yourself as Both a Marketing and a Publishing Expert – Only companies that understand – and work with – both sides of the business are going to thrive.

6. Have a Clear Value Proposition – At some point the custom publishing field will become glutted. What’s going to differentiate your company from the masses?

7. Price Your Services According to What the Customer Values – From industry standards to client specifics, everything a company could need to know about pricing.

8. Value the Role of the Project Manager – No project is going to manage itself. Don’t underestimate the importance of good oversight.

9. Use Questions, Not Answers – How to make the client knock on your door.