I’m tempted just to say, “Amen!” to this recent Slate post about intrusive linking policies. Jack Schafer’s list includes my top three links-to-hate:

  • Double-click the word, get a definition [NYTimes.com is a big culprit. I have, at least 3 times, clicked on the word “inside” while reading an article on the Times site. Trust me, after 13 years of primary and secondary, a college degree and nine hours of graduate work, I’ve finally figured out what inside means. Now, as for that tricky “outside….”]
  • Pop-over boxes Often found on news sites to display ads, this blog tool was amusing when it first came out. Now that I’ve seen Snap Shots used more than a couple times — indeed, far too frequently — I am still waiting for an application of it that doesn’t make me grit my teeth.
  • Links that don’t tell you where you’re going The web allows for endless copy. I don’t need much, but please do more than tell me you want to link here. [It’s not a real link. I wouldn’t do that to you.]